Starting a New Business

The Brighton Beach Deckchair

Gallant & Jones Deckchair

They always say its hard to start a new business, we were ready for it! No, I’m lying. You can’t be ready for it. Its a roller coaster, and you just have to stay focused on the fact that your damned lucky to be along for the ride.

All the advice you get, and you get a heap from EVERYONE, will sometimes pay off. But mostly you work your ass off and do the best you can with the skills you have. The best thing about Gallant & Jones is that we hand make everything! Yes, we woodwork a beautiful piece of nature and try our best to keep its beauty and turn it into something wonderful and useful. It is very humbling and fulfilling, so we are always grateful when we can concentrate on the “making” part of our business.

Its amazing to experience the serendipity that has occured in the creation of G&J. Our wonderful enablers Patty and Eric made our whole endeavor possible. Our darling friend Mike was a real “angel”. Our husbands made life bearable, held the fort and all with constant encouragement. Now all we need to do is sell some chairs….