The Garden Deckchair

Patty and Eric helped us to work out the original design of our deckchairs

It took us 3 months and about 7 chairs to get to our beautiful Garden Deckchair. We love that you can remove the fabric and pillow, either to bring it in out of your garden shed, to wash it or just to switch it up with our new fabrics.

Each chair is made completely from scratch. We buy all our Black Walnut from North American forests that are well managed. It is so good to work and has a fantastic range of patterns and colours. It is also good in the outdoors and is naturally rot-proof, on a par with White Oak and some cedars. We are trying to only use North American wood species so that we can keep track of its forestation and to reduce the amount of shipping and thus our carbon footprint.

Our Process

The working process: Routing edges, sanding and assembly?

We cut the wood to our design specs, rout all the edges and the tops of the pieces, we then router the steps which hold the chair in place then we sand and sand and sand some more…. Once we are satisfied with our sanding we work the wood to make our joints and assemble the chairs. Once our Garden Deckchair is assembled we stain it with a high quality natural teak oil, which is used on yachts and protects it from harmful UV rays and the outdoors. We advise to keep the chair under cover when not in use to maintain its longevity.


A Trina Turk fabric from Schumacher

The Garden Deckchairs would not be complete without our collection of gorgeous textiles. We hand pick fabrics from all over the world, but mostly from North America (carbon footprint). We also have a wonderful company in France that we buy fabulous stripes from, all woven in their historic factory. We are in the process of adding a recycled polyester and will one day be printing our own designs!