The Beach Chair

The Brighton Deckchair

The Gallant & Jones Brighton "Beach" Deckchair

After feeling comfortable with the processes of making our Garden Chair, we sat down with our good friend, Joy to discuss where we were at with our business. We were happy with our Garden Chair but felt perhaps, that something was missing….then it came to us, we should also offer a chair that is simpler and more traditional. We decided to make a Beach Chair. Our idea behind it was to make a deckchair with hard wearing Sunbrella outdoor fabric that was permanently attached to the chair. A chair more suitable to slinging in your car to head to the beach, campsite or festival. We’d take a more rustic approach to making this chair so we could offer it at a more affordable price. The frame is quicker to make and comes without dowels and a pillow. The fabric that we chose arrived from France and it turned out to be even more colourful and bright than we had imagined. We assembled our first Beach Chair, and it turned out to be beautiful! Our deckchair collection is now feeling a bit more complete, we feel that we have a little something for everyone to enjoy.