Environmentally responsible packaging

As things get a little more steady paced at Gallant & Jones, we have our evenings to trawl the web for cool ideas to make our products even more environmentally responsible. The latest find is The Life Box, it was brought out on the market in March of this year as a solution to re-green the planet.

What is The Life Box?

The Life Box, designed by Paul Stamets, mycologist and author, is a recycled cardboard box sold to companies looking for packaging solutions. Each box is impregnated with seeds that sprout once the consumer tears the box and buries it under some soil and then waters it. Fantastic!

The “Tree” boxes are made with both fungi and tree seeds and work on the basis that plants and certain fungi enjoy a symbiotic relationship: the fungi sprout first and protect the young tree seedlings by providing water and nutrients and help to shield them from disease.

Unfortunately they do not yet make boxes big enough for our deckchairs…