Countdown to Christmas, Handmade Advent Calenders

Handmade Advent Calenders

Sweet Petunia Advent Calendar

At Gallant and Jones, we’re all about the handmade and with December 1st fast approaching, we’ve got less than a week to get our advent calendars ready. For me, it’s always been about the chocolate of course (If  I can’t get away with eating chocolate every day in December, when can I get away with it!) but there are many other options for great, creative, handmade advent calendars.

This one from an Helsinki designer Tuuni is very pretty and clean. I love the detail.

Another one of my favourite advent calendars that is also eco friendly and unique is from Sewn Natural and Imagination Kids. Each pocket is numbered in eco felt. Hand embroidered wool felt trees and stars decorate the top. Included is a set of 3 adorable handcrafted wooden toy animals. The advent calendar is on sale on Etsy, and if you’re interested, I would act fast as I’m sure this one will be gone soon!

You can enter to win one of these beautiful advent calendars here. Or, if you really want to get involved, here’s a good one to try making yourself.

There are so many really fun and beautiful ideas for counting down the days until Christmas.

Have fun with it and let the countdown begin!