Go with the grain: Wood and its use in design

Lockhart deckchair and footstool

There are literally hundreds of types of wood in the world and each has a distinctive grain pattern. If you want to identify the type of wood in a particular piece of furniture, examining the grain will most definitely help you out. The grain gives wood it’s beauty, structure, texture and colour. It makes each piece of wood unique and I personally love the look of the grain. If you’re working on a woodworking project and happen to like things rustic, like I do, seal it with a clear coat and let that grain shine though. We use black walnut wood for our deckchairs and it has a stunning grain that weaves throughout each piece. It’s a great wood to work with and it looks fabulous when it’s been sanded and finished. There’s something very comfortable and warm about it.

Highlighting a specific direction of wood grain can totally change the look of an object or room as we’ve seen in these examples. It’s a great way to make a statement, naturally.

Wood grain used in design

Fellow blogger Nubbytwiglet wrote a great article about beautiful wood grain and it’s popularity a while back that I enjoyed reading. And here are some interesting and stylish items using real and faux wood grain- great Christmas gift ideas as well.


One of my favourite examples of wood grain can be found on the beloved station wagon. What a great classic family car! When the station wagon first came about, it was real wood paneling that graced the sides, beaming proudly from end to end.

Some great examples of real wood grain uses for today that I like are these reclaimed mahogany coasters, macbook and iphone covers and this all wood belt buckle.

The possibilities are endless when it comes to enjoying wood grain and it’s natural beauty.  Is there a specific piece of furniture or item that showcases beautiful wood grain that you enjoy? If so, I’d love to hear about it!