New Stripes and other stories…

New Striped fabric on the loom by Gallant & Jones

We have been busy this winter working on new products for Gallant & Jones. I designed some colourful stripes for our new sling collection. The best thing about this is we found a weaver in Vancouver! This is very exciting as it means most of our collection will be completely manufactured in North America.

New Gallant & Jones Tray

Tamra has been working on a great little tray that will sit perfectly on the footstool to make a gorgeous little table,¬†you can now enjoy your wine and cheese whilst reclining in your G&J deck chair. It’s nice and chunky with simple clean lines. We really wanted something sturdy but beautiful, it really shows off the grain in the black walnut. We will post some pics as soon as we are ready. In the meantime take a look at some sneak pics of the new stripes on the loom!

3 new Gallant & Jones Stripes on the loom in Vancouver

3 Other new stripes by Gallant & Jones

Yellow Striped fabric by Gallant & Jones



  1. David Donaldson,

    Wow liking the new stripes I will definitely be purchasing a pair of these deck chairs for the summer.

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