Textiles Inspiration

Photographs by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia December 2007

I have always wanted to talk about textiles in this blog. It is a subject close to my heart (I studied Fashion Textiles at Brighton University in the UK) and it is a side of G&J that I want to grow and nourish (some of our new fabrics will be available this Spring and there is more to come… ). After chatting to a G&J fan this week it made me realise I should pull my socks up and get on with it. He mentioned that his girlfriend was studying a textiles course and he had started to look at textiles in a new light, it is such a common denominator in all our lives but I think we all take it for granted. I am so excited to start researching to see what’s new out there so I can start sharing here on our little blog. Join me once a week for a blog post on textiles in fashion and interiors and the amazing designers behind them.

Photographs by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia December 2007

As I was deciding my first subject for this post I closed my eyes and thought “now what would be a really inspiring set of images showing printed textiles?” suddenly these images rushed to the front of my mind. The photograph’s are all from Vogue Italia December 2007 and were shot by Steven Meisel. I just love how busy they are and how all the printed designs work together so well even though you would imagine them to clash. I remember buying the magazine in London and devouring each picture, I completely missed my stop on the tube. Doh!

Fashion Notes:

Pic 1: Dress by Gucci, Shoes by Prada

Pic 2: Dress by Jean Paul Gaultier, Shoes by Miu Miu

Pic 3: Dress by Yves Saint Laurent, Shoes by Miu Miu

Pic 4: Dress by Oscar De La Renta, Shoes by Alexander McQueen



  1. Jacci,

    These images are pure eye candy! I love the elegant combination of colour, texture and body shapes. My favourites are the first 2. I can’t wait to see how this translates into textiles for G&J!

  2. gallantandjones,

    You know Jacci, I hadn’t thought about the body shapes before, too busy looking at the patterns, but now I see how important that is to the overall composition of the photograph. Thanks for sharing your eyes!

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