New designers at the Stockholm Furniture Fair: Find Your Light

Night Night lamp by Vanessa Hordies of 101% Designed images courtesy of Ecal

Readers – don’t tune out here when you read this but I actually think Tyra Banks may be onto something every time she goes on about “you must find your light”.  You see I’ve often been fascinated by lighting and how it can play the most valued role in interior design to change the mood of an interior space.  Choosing the correct lighting can make a room come alive, giving it that atmospheric edge to turn that interior from good to great!

Here is a round up of new lighting from the Stockholm Furniture Fair 2011:

A light which certainly creates a mood is the Night Night lamp by Vanessa Hordies of 101% Designed in Brussels.  Looking at research into how long it takes people to fall asleep and knowing that a huge majority of people like using a night light Hordies set about creating the perfect lamp for the bedside table.  Beautifully shaped to mimic that of an hour glass the user simply sets the lamp and as the sand falls to cover the light it will gradually drown the light from the bedroom in the time needed for someone to fall asleep.

When you turn the hourglass over, the timer switches on for 15 minutes. Research has shown that when people go to bed it usually takes between ten and twenty minutes for them to fall asleep. The objective of the timer is straightforward. Its function is to switch off the lamp, so that it is not on all night making it environmentally friendly. The lamp follows the sleeper during this ritual.”

'Beam' table lamp by Holm Giessler/Halloessen

Beam by Holm Giessler for Halloessen is another light that has looked at how it can create a better light interaction with its user.  The combinations of glass and powdered metal materials alongside well thought out design have allowed Giessler to create not only an ambient reading lamp but also a direct spotlight.

The LMTG by Carl Hagerlang, photography by Nicklas Rudfell


The third light that caught my eye at the Stockholm Furniture Fair was the LGTM by Carl Hagerling.  The golden cone reflectors create a lovely warm light and are in keeping with the trend to use gold coloured materials this year. This lamp not only gives a great atmospheric mood but also, like the ‘Beam’, stands alone as a great piece of design when not in use.



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