Handmade and Hot: Big Bow Tote by Soojin of Soraam

Big bow large canvas tote bag by Soojin of Soraam

We love this excellent screen printed tote by Soojin of Soraam. It is sold for $42 and can be found here.

Who are you?
My name is Soojin Yum.

Where are you?
I live in Seattle.

Why do you hand make your products?
I like to hand make my products because I have more control over the quality, I learnt this after first trying to manufacture on a larger scale.

How long did it take to make?
It takes 2~3 days from preparing fabrics(pre-washing and ironing) to printing and sewing. But in 2~3 day I can make more than 1 item.

What dreams do you have for your product and where would you like to see it?
More people enjoy my bag. And everywhere!!!

Thank you Soojin!