Deck Chairs around the World

Lockhart & Chantal in Hope

We are ‘bringing’ the deckchair back to North America! Its so cool to find a niche in the outdoor furniture market and make these wonderful and useful folding chairs. Most people in North America knows about Adirondacks but after chatting to lots of our customers and people at Trade shows we realised that some have never even seen a ‘Deck chair‘ before and if they have its because of trips to Europe or Mexico. I thought I would spend some time researching what is out there at the moment so you can get an idea of how different people enjoy their deck chairs around the world…

The First Deck Chair Patent

The original deck chair has been around since the early 1800’s but it was JOHN Thomas Moore (1864-1929) who took out a patent for adjustable folding deckchairs in 1886 and started manufacturing them in Macclesfield, UK. I wonder if he had any idea at the time that his deckchair design would still be around and thriving 125 years later?? He had originally designed them for cruise ships but deck chairs soon became a trend that spread around the world. They are now seen in many different countries and many different places.

Check out some of my favourite spots:

Austria’s Sportgasteins ‛Palms on Alms’

Palms on Alms in Austria's Sportgasteins

Luxurious apres ski on the slopes in the Alps- I might be guilty of doing a bit more lounging than skiing at this hill!

Puerto Vallarta in Mexico

Deck chairs a.k.a. beach chairs in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Seems to be the holiday hot spot for beating the winter blues from here in Vancouver.






Melbourne, Australia

The Rooftop bar in Melbourne. Photography: Travis McCue

Deckchairs strewn around for ultra relaxing summer sessions at the Rooftop Bar in Melbourne, Australia.

Darwin Deckchair Cinema

Also in Australia, the Darwin Deckchair Cinema.

Fantastic way to catch a film under the stars- love this idea! Would love to see something like this in Vancouver…





Stanley Park, Vancouver

Gallant and Jones deck chairs in Stanley Park. Photography: Janis Nicolay

Above are pics of Gallant and Jones deckchairs in Stanley Park, Vancouver. We did a shoot here on a sunny Autumn day, we all really enjoyed sitting in the chairs and taking in the fine crisp air surrounded by the lovely quiet of Stanley Park. Deck chairs can honestly be enjoyed all year round. They are so easy to fold up and throw in your car, or walk to the park. We took a flask of hot chocolate a picnic and a few blankets and were very comfortable.

Garden furniture  can now be bright and be changed with your mood. Our garden chairs, for example, have fabric slings that are interchangeable with different fabrics and can be updated all the time with our ever changing collection of diverse fabrics. We are excited to throw some garden parties this year and co-ordinate our patio chairs to go with the theme. Hopefully we will get Janis to photograph the results and post them here.

Where have you enjoyed your deckchair lately??