Milan Preview: Ventura Lambrate 2011

Ventura Lambrate logo 2011 stamp

The music industry is one of the hardest industries to break and even if you do manage to break it and become a respected artist[s] nothing is set in stone to make sure your career will last a lifetime.  Many artists who have had major success with their first records are forgotten and fall by the wayside with the second; the album that is regarded as that all-important make or break album.

Just as creative but with perhaps a bit more of an exclusive audience is the world of interior, furniture, and product design, which can be just as harsh.  Just because you are the next big designer doesn’t mean you’ll still be at the top within a year.

Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano is the design event in every creative calendar that launches the next offerings of creative darlings into our design obsessed lives.  Press goes mad for them, manufacturers try to ‘groom’ them and designers take inspiration from them – but will they still be as ‘successful when returning to Milan for that all important second outing?

Organisation in Design Seek Second Hit

One event that is hoping to secure that ‘second’ seal of approval and cement itself within the design show greats is Ventura Lambrate 2011.  Put together by Organisation in Design after an introduction to Italian cultural entrepreneur and architect, Mariano Pichler, Ventura Lambrate was launched in 2010 as part of Pichler’s vision to redevelop Milano’s Lambrate industrial area.

Focusing on quality rather than quantity Ventura Lambrate 2010 had a stellar exhibitor list including Design Academy Eindhoven, Studio Maarten Baas, Laikingland James Shaw and Plus Design Gallery to name but a few.  It is this impressive ethos and exhibitor list that made Ventura Lambrate 2010 a huge success during Milan Design Week, with it becoming the must see attraction and some claiming it was no longer the underdog to the Salone Internazionale.

Organisation in Design have no intention of not having a second hit on their hands and claim:

Ventura Lambrate 2011 will focus on HIGH QUALITY presentations, SUBSTANTIAL exhibitors and RELEVANT designs with CONTENT.

Ventura Lambrate 2011 will host exhibitions with RENOWNED and ESTABLISHED designers and design institutions, EMERGING young designers, CREATIVE labels, INTERESTING initiatives, small SURPRISES and EXCITING presentations

Ventura Lambrate 2011 will be a MUST SEE area where both the press and the public are positively challenged by QUALITATIVE EXHIBITORS, INTERESTING EXHIBITION and NEW DESIGNS.”

Ventura Lambrate 2011 will run simultaneous to the 50th Salone Internazionale del Mobile di Milano, 12 – 17 April 2011.

Over the next few days Gallant and Jones Blog will be unveiling who we think will be the stars of this years Ventura Lambrate 2011, making them secure that all-important second hit!  So make sure you keep checking back and let us know your thoughts on whom you think will still be around in 2012.



  1. delightfull,

    We, at Delightfull are delighted to announce our presence at SALONE INTERNAZIONALE DEL MOBILE, in April 2011. It is our utmost pleasure to be showing once more at this wonderful event! We can’t wait to 12th to come! See you all there!