Ventura Lambrate: Kunsthochschule Kassel, the Kasselcollection


ADD.ON floor lamp by Hanna Kruger. photo: ©Minu Lee

Kasselcollection shows selected objects, from the Department of Furniture and Exhibition Design at the Kunsthochschule Kassel in Germany. In Milan, the collection will be presented to the public for the first time. Kasselcollection shows the works and thoughts developed at the Kunsthochschule and puts them up for discussion.

KUNSTHOCHSCHULE KASSEL, Germany. Department of Furniture and Exhibition Design. Curated by: JAKOB GEBERT.

Kasselcollection Address: Collective Location, Via Massimiano 6, 20134 Milan, Italy


Hanna Kruger

VAISS.EAU by Hanna Krueger. photo: ©Minu Lee

Hanna is our one to watch this year at Ventura Lambrate!  Her glass and wood product designs are truly things of beauty, style and elegance.  Pendant light VAISS.EAU and floor lamp ADD.ON are gorgeous light designs that will add instant style to any interior with their pastel shades.

Historical glass bottles and bowls inspire VAISS.EAU with each shade mouth-blown; creating a double-walled transparent glass body that is concerning the relationship of traditional manual methods of production and the design of contemporary products.

ADD.ON is made even more beautiful by the process in which it is made.  “The design of the floor lamp is a combination between a free-blown glass body and a serial crude oak stand. The connection between the two parts is created in the manufacturing process, in which the glass bubble is blown directly onto the stand and the outline of the stand is formed inside of the glass. Therefore, the stand serves not only as a functional part but also as a tool to produce the lampshade.”


Andi Friedlein

Stummer Diener by Andi Friedlein

Stummer Diener by Andi Friedlein is a lovely stool combined coat hanger crafted from beech wood. We just love the functionality of this design, we imagine it in an entrance way and see it being used to sit on whilst you do up your shoes, every home should have one…






Anna von der Tann

Atabel by Anna von der Tann. photos © Olga Holzschuh

Atabel by Anna is a simple series of porcelain vessels.  Not to be labelled with descriptions like cup, mug, plate or bowl these vessels are of unique sizes and therefore should just be used however feels right.  The simple design of the vessels in the Atabel range make them a dinner table must have in our eyes.