Milan Preview: Tom Dixon goes 3D

Avatar by James Cameron

Ever since Avatar become an instant summer 3D blockbuster on the big screen you can’t escape a visit to the cinema without sporting those oversized blacked out 3D goggles.  Thank goodness you get to sit in the dark is all I can say!

Never one to fall behind the trends and always pushing ahead, Tom Dixon is to launch over 15 new products during Milan Design week with a 3D experience.  Allowing both online viewers from around the globe and visitors to the Tom Dixon stand at Superstudios Piu to navigate an avatar of Tom himself.  Sort of like a much more cool, trendy, and stylish game of Sims!  Online viewers will feel like they are actually at the exhibition due to the experience of exploring the full stand as interactive information icons reveal information on products from Tom’s new collection, Industry (see our favourites below).

“All activity on the stand is being streamed live so that wandering visitors are instantaneously projected into the virtual scene for online viewers to see. Visitors at the exhibition are also able to experience Virtual Milan through a dedicated screen and 3D glasses provided at the stand.”

To participate in Virtual Milan Online, log on from April 13th here.



Peg Coat Stand by Tom Dixon

Great offering for hats, coats and bags that will add a fun style to your hallway!  Peg Coat Stand comes flat packed with 8 circular discs so that the user can create a unique configuration for their own setting.  Available in oak with natural finish, or in birch with a black, white or fluoro lacquer.


Offcut Bench by Tom Dixon

Not only a great piece of eye-catching design but a product that has a story!  Off Cut Bench is a self assembly piece of furniture that uses the old method of pegs and tenons in its assembly and is constructed from off cut pieces of wood that would normally be discarded in standard furniture production, making it a pretty green piece of furniture.


Void Lights by Tom Dixon

With the 2012 Olympics trending very high on people’s radar of late, Dixon has designed Void, a series of pendant lighting that reference the Olympic medals.  Pressed, spun and brazed from solid copper sheets, these double wall shades reflect and soften light emitted from a concealed halogen bulb.