Milan Preview: Tom Dixon – Multiplex and Flash Factory


Etch lighting by Tom Dixon

Wanting to also break away from the standard exhibition booths that are common practice at design events Dixon has conjured up a plan to showcase an experience through a series of six working environments.  Integrated with the BlackBerry PlayBook’s cutting edge technology Dixon has designed a ‘world’ that contains a pop-up viewing theatre, broadcasting centre, restaurant, shop and gallery.

“Visitors experience a trail of sensations created through 6 hyper real environments. Each section explores ideas of luminosity and technology to include a Science Lab, Hotel Lobby and Viewing Theatre. A Broadcast Centre updates information daily from all over the fair onto a giant wall of projections.”


We often buy products for our homes without thinking about how they were produced and made.  Did they have to go through some long process?  How hard was it to build the product?  Tom Dixon has decided to change that this year at Milan and has dedicated part of his static show stand into a Flash FactoryDixon believes that the processes of industrial production should be seen and experienced by the customer and by creating his Flash Factory he is doing just that.

Etch, a collection of lights and candleholders digitally manufactured from brass and stainless steel, are specifically designed for Milan and the Flash Factory with every product sold on site.  Visitors to the Flash Factory can assemble their own Etch product on the stand; buy a fully assembled version or a flat packed version to create at home.

The Flash Factory demonstrates Future Industry and the new found power of the designer, able to service world markets with the latest products in greatly reduced time scales.”

Gallant and Jones Recommends


Tom Dixon Peg Chair Black

Peg Chair, to be launched as part of the Industry collection in Milan, is a quirky café chair that was inspired by Japanese architecture.  Lightweight, Peg is great for stacking and it is this functional shape that pays homage to Dutch designer Rietveld.



Glass Knobs by Tom Dixon

Gallant and Jones love this series of coloured glass knobs, manufactured in the same industrial plants used to make car head lamps.  Produced from extra thick pressed glass, these beautiful wall mounted pieces are great clothes hooks or stand alone wall decoration.



Etch Candle Holder by Tom Dixon

New to the Industry Collection and launching at this year’s Milan Salone Del Mobile we here at Gallant and Jones are very excited about this Etch.  Not just because it looks super sexy, modern and will add instant glamour to any room but because with this new product and the way Tom and his team are marketing it through the Flash Factory we believe the way in which we buy design is about to change for the better!

Make sure you check out other new products in the Industry range including Roll, a great table with indestructible mechanical practicality and the return of the classic light Jack!


Officine Stendhal

via E Stendhal 35

20147 Milano