Textiles Inspiration: Lucienne Day

Calyx by Lucienne Day

British post war designer Lucienne Day was famous for her modern and uplifting textiles designs. She was a firm believer in producing art that lots of people would see and everyone could afford and what better way to achieve that than through fabrics for furnishings. She told the Scotsman:

“very interested in modern painting although I didn’t want to be a painter. I put my inspiration from painting into my textiles, partly, because I suppose I was very practical. I still am. I wanted the work I was doing to be seen by people and be used by people. They had been starved of interesting things for their homes in the war years, either textiles or furniture.”

Perpetua by Lucienne Day

Clearly inspired by the likes of Kandinsky, Miró and Klee, Day was never afraid to be experimental with her designs and everybody loved them. Heal’s who bought the famous Calyx design only paid her for half of the 20GBP as they were worried the design was too modern, when it won high praise in the Festival of Britain in 1951 they paid her the remaining 10 pounds.

Sunrise by Lucienne Day

Lucienne, who sadly died last year, was married to the fabulous Robin Day, a famous furniture designer. I would of liked to have a cup of tea with them…


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