Handmade and Hot: Wolf Den Coat Rack by Cantilever and Press

Wolf Den Coat Rack by Cantilever and Press

Check out this weeks Handmade and Hot! item, it is a coat rack made out of reclaimed wood by our Vancouver neighbors Cantilever and Press. Check out this and their other items at their Etsy shop and read the interview here:

Who are you?

Cantilever and Press is the exploit of  Matthew Hornland [me] with the mental support of my wife Chessa Adsit-Morris. We are both kept in check by their dogs Bison and Bear, as well as cats Sushi and Soba.

Where are you?

C+P is located in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Why do you hand make your products?

All of the Cantilever and Press products are handmade because the materials and the intent require it. They are each unique, requiring a keen eye and hand to ensure they are up to standard and because when you use reclaimed wood, you’ve got to be hands on about how you prepare it!

How long did it take to make? 

The products vary in time dependent on how many nails are being removed from old boards and how many times the wood has to go through the planer. The short answer is, the shop schedule is about 2 weeks, from sourcing of wood, to prep to finish and shipping, though multiple products might be in production at the same time.

What hopes/dreams do you have for your products? Where would you like to see them?

Cantilever and Press intends to keep our product line small and sustainable. This doesn’t mean that we don’t want to see them in awesome design stores and in the homes of many people, but it is important to us that each one remains unique and well built from wood that might not have otherwise found a home.

Thank you!

Gwyn & Tamra

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