Mieke Meijer of Vij5 turns Newspaper into Newspaperwood

NewspaperWood by Mieke Meijer together with Vij5

Dutch designer Mieke Meijer, in partnership with manufacturer Vij5, has designed a process where discarded newspapers become a new material – which they have appropriately dubbed NewspaperWood.

The possibilities are virtually endless, as this beautifully poetic material can be cut, milled, and used just like regular wood.

NewspaperWood Framed by Breg Hanssen for Vij5

Vij5 has now opened up the creative floodgates and commissioned several designers to design objects using NewspaperWood. Have a look at some more beautiful applications of the material here.

NewspaperWood FromAtoZ by Greetje van Tiem for Vij5

NewspaperWood FromAtoZ by Greetje van Tiem for Vij5

Even though this process may have been explored before, it is fantastic to see a designer collaborating with other young designers to push this material to its limits.