Eco-Friendly iPhone Case Created to Benefit Tsunami Victims

The Courage Case by Primary Case Company

In an effort to continue helping those affected by the tsunami and earthquake in Japan, the Primary Case Company has created a case for the iPhone 4 entirely out of bamboo. Named the “Courage Case”, 100% of the proceeds from each Courage Case sold will be donated to Japan through Global Giving, a non-profit organization that connects donors with worldwide projects. The Courage Case is a limited edition and you can pick yours up for $30.

While the destruction in Japan may seem like old news to many, the devastation is still incredibly real for those directly affected. According to a Kyodo News survey released last week, at least 2,816 evacuees in northeastern Japan are suffering from poor hygienic conditions. The Courage Case provides iPhone carriers an alternative way of helping those in need, and by doing so in an eco-friendly manner.

With a bamboo grove releasing 35 percent more oxygen into the air when compared to other types of trees, bamboo is a great resource and it appears more and more companies are catching on.

Handmade iphone case by Portland company Grovemade

The Courage Case is not the only iPhone accessory available from bamboo. Grove Made has developed several iPhone and iPad cases with the environmentally friendly resource.

Boxwave True Bamboo Iphone4 Case

Box Wave also offers a line of bamboo cases for Apple products.

The common misconception that living “green” is an inconvenience can be easily done away with by simply supporting companies that use alternative resources.  By putting your money into a product such as any of these iPhone cases, you are taking a great first step towards living a greener life.

It is fantastic to see companies continue to search for ways to help those who continue to struggle in Japan, but to do it in an environmentally way? That’s a win-win in our book!

by Amy Doxey


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