Eco-friendly Fathers Day gift ideas

With Father’s Day only weeks away, why not show your Dad what a great job he did raising you by giving him an eco-friendly gift?  Here are a few gift ideas that are guaranteed to put a smile on your old man’s face:

Eton Soulra Solar powered iPod Sound System

1)   Soulra Solar Powered Sound System by Eton. This sound system, equipped with a high-efficiency solar panel, goes to show that you don’t need to compromise performance when purchasing a product that is less harmful to the environment. Designed specifically for the iPod and iPhone, this bad boy comes with two full-range speakers and bass boost. Priced at $199.95.

Wash and Wax Kit

2)   Waterless Wash & Wax Kit. For the car-lover, Eco Touch’s Waterless Wash & Wax Kit would put a smile on any Dad’s face, and your local water source as well. Priced at $34.95.

Solar Gadget Charger

3)   Solar Gadget Charger. This portable charger can power nearly any device with a USB port. Constructed out of recycled and recyclable materials, the charger is activated by simply placing the charging base in the sunlight and spreading its wings. You can read more about the Solar Gadget Charger here. Priced at $99.95.

Handmade mens silk tie

4)   Handmade Silk Tie. Not only would this tie look fashionable on any man but it’s also a tie you can feel proud wearing! Made out of 100% hand-woven silk, this tie comes straight to your Dad from a Cambodian artisan. By purchasing this tie, you are helping a Cambodian earn a sustainable income and better support themselves and their families. Priced at $26.

Nalgene flask

5)   Nalgene Flask. For the Dad who needs a quick refreshment here and there, the Nalgene flask is the perfect gift. This recyclable flask is 100% BPA free, meaning does not contain the synthetic estrogen used in the production of polycarbonate and plastic. Better for your Dad’s health, better for the environment, better all around! Priced at $7.95.

There you have it! Five great gift ideas that are also good for the environment. Your Dad will be so proud. We wish each and every Father in your life a wonderful Father’s Day!

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