It’s A Nice Day For A Green Wedding

June is here and you know what that means! Wedding season has officially begun. With thousands of weddings taking place this month, wouldn’t it be great if each couple could make one aspect of their special day environmentally friendly? From the wedding program to the dress, we are giving you a few suggestions to help make the best day of your life good for everyone, and everything, involved.

Handmade cake toppers by Ann Wood

Opt for handmade cake toppers. Who doesn’t love that scene in “Runaway Bride” when Julia Roberts is picking out her cake topper? And then Richard Gere comes along and smashes the groom. Well no one will be smashing this charming handmade bride and groom. Made from vintage fabrics, papers, and lace, these “love birds” make ditching the plastic easy.

Organic wedding flowers

Choose organic flowers. What bride wants to walk down with a bunch of pesticide-laden flowers as her bouquet? Start your day as husband and wife out right by reducing your footprint and selecting organic flowers.

Chalkboard Directions

Replace the paper for a chalkboard. From the seating cards to the table numbers, the menu to the programs, finding a way to use less paper on your special day is one of the best decisions you can make, besides the guy standing at the end of the aisle. Why not swap out a stack of papers for a chalkboard? Besides saving trees and money, this can add a rustic charm to your special day. You can even make your own.

eco friendly wedding dress

The dress. A bride often has thought about her wedding dress long before she is sporting an engagement ring. When looking to buy that special dress, look for sustainable fabrics such as silk and organic cotton. Etsy is a great source where designers are willing to make you your dream dress with environmentally sustainable materials. You can also consider a vintage dress, a trend that is going strong in the wedding industry. Whether you hire a designer to make a custom gown, check out your local wedding store, or re-invent a vintage dress, there are plenty of options of how to make your wedding gown green.

Congratulations to all the June brides out there!