Chair Classics: The Piana by David Chipperfield for Alessi

Piana folding chair by Alessi. Produced by Lamm and designed by David Chipperfield

Italian housewares brand Alessi has no shortage of design classics under their belt; from Phillipe Starck‘s ‘Juicy Saliflemon squeezer, to Michael Gravestea kettle — but they are stepping out of the kitchen with their latest. Or at least off of the table.

In their first furniture offering of their 90 years of operation, Alessi has teamed up with architect David Chipperfield and Lamm to bring you the Piana Chair. Chipperfield, who was recently awarded the Royal Gold Medal by the Royal Institute of British Architects, has designed what many are calling an instant classic. With it’s clear lineage tracing back to Gian Carlo Piretti‘s Plia chair from the 60’s (which you may have seen a distant relative of I’ve you’ve ever set foot in an IKEA), Piana‘s striking silouhette and hyper practical functionality seem a tasteful and appropriate redefinition of the folding chair. In Alessi‘s official press release, when speaking about the intentions of the project, Chipperfield stated “After careful research into historic and contemporary folding chairs, the concept for “Piana”  focused on a simple, iconic, general-purpose folding chair, easily recognisable as such. The design aimed to produce a well-made chair in a material which expresses its utilitarian and transient nature.”

Made of 100% recycled plastic, and made 100% in Italy, Piana is lightweight yet sturdy, and ecologically responsible. It comes in a variety of colors and is horizontally stack-able, making it a solid contender in the contract and public furniture markets — and equally so in the prestigous club of design classics.