Handmade and Hot: Ocean Mat Nautical Doormat by Karen Conabeare

Ocean Mat Nautical Doormat

This weeks Handmade and Hot features Karen Conabeare’s lovely Ocean Matt, Nautical Doormat. Please visit her Etsy store and see her other fabulous products.

Who are you?

I am a Cornish Lass and a sailor who is spreading the love of rope!

Where are you?

I have been transposed to the backwoods of Muskoka, Ontario, Canada with my wooden boat building partner.

Why do you hand make your products?

I weave rope into various designs, using the same knots as sailors have used for generations. I tailor some to the home, where they make excellent doorstops, doormats and more.

How long did it take to make?

This varies. As the years go by, I get quicker. If things go to plan, then I can have a mat ready in a morning, but rope sometimes has a mind of its own.

What dreams do you have for your products? Where would you like to see them?

I would love to sell these full time and have photos of them in the different provinces, states and countries. I want people to enjoy them for years to come. I have sold them as far as LA, Texas, Australia and England. Fabulous!

Thank you Karen and good luck.

Gwyn & Tamra