The Perfect Picnic

I write this on the night of the Summer Solstice, the longest day of the year and the first day of summer. Nothing declares summer time more than a picnic in your favorite outdoor spot, does it? Here are some products that will help keep your picnic eco-friendly, because after all, picnics are about enjoying the outdoors, not destroying it.

Eco Picnic Basket by Uncommon Goods

Eco Picnic Basket: You can’t have a picnic without a picnic basket! Enjoy this beauty from . Made from 100% all-natural and renewable resources, this handwoven basket is the perfect carrier for your picnic goodies.

Re useable red-gingham napkin roll by Buy My Drap

Reusable Picnic Napkins: These gingham-printed cotton napkins from can be washed and used again between your fabulous picnic dates. They come in a tear-off roll, so just tear off a few sheets and toss them in the basket!

Plant Starch utensils

Plant Starch Cutlery: Most people don’t think the words “plant” and “cutlery” go together unless the plant is what the cutlery is spearing. In actuality, plant starch is a fabulous resource that is being used more often in creating eating utensils, as it is compostable and a great alternative to plastic.  These Plantware utensils are perfect for an afternoon in the park with your favorite chocolate cake.

Bamboo picnic plates from Viva Terra

Bamboo Plates: Moving along with our environmentally-friendly picnic, try swapping out your plastic plates for these lovely bamboo picnic plates from Viva Terra. Anything will taste delicious on one of these!

Turkish hand woven picnic blanket

Turkish Picnic Cover: If this gorgeous, hand-woven tablecloth doesn’t make you want to spend an afternoon on your favorite patch of grass, I don’t know what will!  Made in Turkey, this beautiful picnic blanket is made from pure cotton and is screaming for you to curl up with a great book, fine food, and enjoy this beautiful season.

So find a spot under you favorite tree and enjoy a lovely picnic in the park!



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