Chair Classics: The Real Good Chair by Blu Dot

The Real Good Chair by Blu Dot

In 1997 three design-loving friends were setting out to furnish their first homes and couldn’t afford anything of quality that they liked. Thankfully for us, those friends decided to start a company — and that is how Blu Dot was born.

A noble quest, yet an undeniably difficult one if history is to teach us anything. For instance, did you know that the Eames‘s ‘La Chaise‘ was actually an entry for the MoMA‘s ‘International Competition for Low-cost Furniture‘ in 1948? Yes, that La Chaise.

However, despite all odds, Blu Dot seems to have figured it out. So how do they do it? In this case, they’ve taken a cue from the masters of low-cost furniture and have hired you to assemble it yourself. It arrives flat packed in a cardboard box, which brilliantly turns into a guide for you to bend the steel along. The Real Good Chair is a perfect representation of Blu Dot‘s continued dedication to their founding premise. Made of powder-coated steel and available in a variety of colors, this seemingly paradoxical chair is heavy yet delicate, simplistic yet elegant, and — perhaps most importantly — ‘real good’ yet affordable.