Let’s Get Digital

The digital world has changed everything. It has altered how we communicate, how we socialize, how we pay our bills, shop for clothes, watch television, and now it has changed how we read.

A number of magazines are now offering digital versions of their issues on top of print, while some magazines are diving into the digital world, leaving print behind. It’s true that nothing can quite beat the feel of paper between your fingertips as you page through the newest issue of Real Simple, but here are some great reasons why you shouldn’t write digital off.

Let’s be honest: Mother Nature is not happy. As we see our favorite publications present digital options, thousands upon thousands of trees are being saved. Few doubt that living green is the way to go, and by going digital, you are doing just that. And because magazines are saving on paper, they are offering you digital issues at discounted prices-many are even free!

Double Page Spread from Pure Green

Digital magazines bring an interactive experience to your fingertips. See something in the magazine you like? Many publications offer direct linking from the product to the store. This way, it can be yours with just a click! Several magazines are also incorporating videos into their stories, making magazine reading a much fun and hands-on experience.

The possibilities are endless. Because digital magazines are less expensive to produce, nearly anyone with a niche and design experience can put a publication together. This means that there are now new and refreshing teams of experts in your favorite topics putting together a magazine just for you.

Looking for insight on home décor? Check out Lonny Magazine. Want more tips on how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle? Read an issue of Pure Green Magazine. Searching for some new recipes to try out this summer? Sweet Paul Magazine has you covered. And don’t forget to check and see if your favorite magazine is offering a digital version, as many are presenting readers with a choice between print and digital issues.

Wherever your interests lie, there is a digital magazine full of material for you.


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