The Royals Go Green


While the new Duchess of Cambridge is turning heads with her endless collection of navy dresses and stylish hats, it would also be important to note her and her husband’s green efforts.


Prince William and his bride, Kate Middleton, have been making headlines this week with their North American tour. While in Canada, they were able to participate in the long-standing tradition of planting a tree in Rideau Hall Gardens. This tree joined several others that have been planted by The Royal Family, including the late Princess Diana and William’s father, Prince Charles.

Planting a tree in honor of a person or event is such a beautiful way to symbolize a special moment while also giving back to the earth, and it was enriching to see these two perpetuate this beautiful tradition.


The newlyweds are not the first from The Royal Family to make an effort towards helping Mother Nature. Earlier this spring, Prince Charles, one who has become a huge proponent in defending nature, debuted an earth-friendly model home in West London’s Earls Court.


Although no Buckingham Palace, the model home was constructed using clay blocks, sustainably sourced timber, and using sheep wool insulation to retain energy. Capable of lasting up to 200 years, this Prince Charles has spread the message to his son that going green can be chic and sophisticated in any way you choose, whether it be spending an afternoon to plant a tree, or spending the time to build a home.