Handmade and Hot: Paint Square

This weeks Handmade and Hot award goes to Paint square. These beautiful pieces of art are made from scrap pieces of wood, aren’t they lovely? A real zero to hero project, we just love seeing people make something so beautiful out of  the ordinary… Please visit their Etsy store.

Who are you?
We are Janet and John and we live between two places: the country and the city. We met through an online dating site almost 5 years ago, where our love of design and red Zinfandel drew us to one another.

Where are you?
We are located in the country in North Alabama between Huntsville and Florence.  We call our home Peckerwood (stolen from Auntie Mame).  We live here full time with one cat and 4 dogs.  This is where are studio/shop is located where we make our pieces.  We also have a condo in Atlanta (Janet’s home prior to meeting John) where we getaway to city life of shops and restaurants.

Why do you hand make your products?
We wanted to make affordable yet interesting artwork with our leftover scrap wood.  Our pieces were conceived as something to hang or sit on a table or bookshelf in your home as we both have a strong interest in interior design. We decided to approach it as more of a design project than fine art, since neither of us would consider ourselves artists.  We both like to work three dimensionally as John designed and built the home where we live and I have a degree in Architecture and always loved model building, so our work is construction based.

How long did it take to make?
Our pieces are very time consuming as there are many steps from making the frame; cutting the wood pieces to size; sanding; and multiple coats of paint.  It generally takes the two of us a few days to complete a smaller piece and several days to complete the larger works.  We generally have multiple pieces in the works at one time.

What dreams do you have for your products?
A short term dream would be getting caught up with our custom order backlog.  Our long term dream would be to experiment with more ideas we have and keep making new and different styles of work with the one constant being that it is mostly made of wood.

Where would you like to see them?
We love seeing photos of them in place in our customer’s homes.  It is great to see how they fit in with their space, since many times we customize the colors for their home.   A gallery would be interesting but we feel we would fit better in a boutique home furnishings store where the furnishings have a similar feel to our pieces.

Thanks for answering our questions Janet and John, good luck!

Tamra & Gwyn


  1. Fresh Cut Spaces,

    Janet+John, I am loving your work and am definitely suggesting one of your pieces for a new client’s Master suite. Do you do custom work? Thanks and best of luck, Carolyn | White Tulip Interiors