Gorilla Gardening

Seedbomb by Kabloom

Planting and maintaining a garden can seem completely overwhelming. But fear not. What once used to seem like a full-time job can now be yours with just a toss of your hand! Sound like magic? Well find out how easily you can make it happen.

Seedboms are eco-friendly, grenade-shaped products that possess all the essential nutrients to grow a luscious garden anywhere! These handmadeboms” by Kabloom are crafted from a variety of “eco-friendly, locally sourced, organic and recycled materials” including shredded paper, egg boxes, compost, and flower seeds that all work together in helping you develop a gorgeous garden with minimal effort. Simple toss the grenade into an open area and let it go to work.

Seedbombs by VisuaLingual

While you can purchase Seedboms to add flowers to your landscape, add herbs to your garden with these Seed Bombs by Visua Lingual also available at Anthropologie. With similar names, the same idea applies here as well. These pebble-sized pods can be literally thrown into your garden without the need to dig and plant. Soon enough, you will have fresh basil, dill, cilantro, chives, and parsley waiting to be added into your favorite recipes. These Seed Bombs also have floral options available that can be customized to your part of the country.

If you have the time, this method of planting can also be made in your own home with a little D-I-Y action. Start by mixing earthworm castings and clay solid together. Next, add wildflower seeds and water until you have a mud-like consistency. Roll the ingredients into small balls and let dry.

This method of planting will not only help spruce up your garden but also makes a great house-warming gift for friends and family!



  1. visualingual,

    Thanks so much for including our seed bombs in your lovely write-up! FYI, the term is “guerrilla gardening” — it doesn’t have anything to do with gorillas.

  2. gallantandjones,

    Yes, I believe you are correct, but we thought the play on words was funny and might garner some more interest?
    Love your bombs!

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