Mcdonalds commits to use upcycled uniforms for the London 2012 Olympic Games

You know the famous golden arches for their perfectly salted French fries, happy meals and now their… environmentally friendly attire?

Yes, you read correctly. The McDonald’s locations in the United Kingdom have recently placed their trust in eco-designer Wayne Hemingway to create an entirely 100% recycled uniform for their 85,000 restaurant staff.

Constructed out of used clothing that is being collected from Wayne Hemingway’s “Worn Again” upcycling company, McDonald’s is the first UK company committing to recycled uniforms. The used clothing collected will then be reprocessed into raw materials for the new attire.

To be unveiled next year in time for the London 2012 Olympic Games, this move is just a start in McDonald’s efforts to be a more environmentally sustainable business.  More initiatives are to be expected moving forward after McDonald’s endured a heavy wave of criticism in regards to corporate gluttony and environmental hits.

It has been announced that there will be four McDonald’s restaurants in the 2012 Olympic park. The company’s top-notch employees will have the privilege of working in these locations and being the first to debut the new attire. At an event where the world comes together to celebrate athletic achievements, this bold move by McDonald’s could leave guests, athletes, and other companies with a desire to see what changes they too can make to be green.

It’s wonderful to see businesses recognize changes that can be made to be friendlier to the environment.  With over a thousand restaurants in the United Kingdom alone, this is bound to be a huge over-hall and it is inspiring to see a company step up to the challenge.

Who’s next??


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