Technology That Helps You Become More ‘Green’


We live in a world where nearly everything is enhanced by technology. Why shouldn’t our efforts to be green get a kick into high gear as well? It’s easy with our list of the best “living green” media platforms:



Green Apps


Go Green: Start out nice and easy with the Go Green app on your smart phone. With each touch of your finger, you can receive a new Green tip that can be seamlessly incorporated into your daily lifestyle. Save your favorite tips to your “Green List” for go-to spot when you are ready to take on a new tip.


Green You: By providing this app with some basic info about your housing, food, transportation and more, you can calculate your own carbon footprint! Next, develop your own Green Plan and see your progress in easing  your toll on the environment.


Green Blogs


Tree Hugger: This blog is a “one size fits all” type of site. Whether your interests are in cars, science, travel, culture or something else, this site has all the latest on green trends across the board. My personal favorite? The “Design & Architecture” section of course!


Little Green Blog:  This is a blog full of articles that will help a household live a greener lifestyle. Need help building an eco-friendly foundation for your children? Want to learn more about green cleaning? How about common ailments and ways to treat them without harming yourself or the environment? This blog has you covered.


Green Twitter Feeds


GreenTweet: For quick tips and links to informative articles on being nice to Mother Earth, make sure you are a follower of GreenTweet. With new tweets every 4 hours, you will always have new ideas on how to lower your carbon footprint.


FeelGoodStyle: The best thing about Twitter? It’s short and sweet. Follow FeelGoodStyle for quick ideas on how your style can stay sweet, while you stay green.

Green Websites For all the ladies out there, check out this blog for a sassy and fun approach to living an economically sustainable lifestyle. Join Haley as she recycles outfits, tries vegetarian recipes, and checks out eco-fashion. As a go-to source for designers, Dwell is also a great site for anyone wanted to be eco-friendly in their home, travel, and more.  With a magazine to boot, Dwell is a fun and visually pleasing treat that promotes all things modern and minimal.


Green Books


Our Choice: Get ready to have your entire book-reading experience elevated.  Our Choice is an interactive app in which Al Gore provides you with all you need to know about global warming. Presented through gripping photos, documentary footage, and touch-screen interaction, this book is available through the App Store on iTunes and is a must-have for anyone.


It’s Easy Being Green: There continue to be the skeptics who say living a green lifestyle is too difficult, costly, and inconvenient. This book by Crissy Trask shows a busy person how they can make tiny adjustments that will lead to positive changes. This book makes is a great read for yourself or a friend! Oh, and don’t forget to download it on your iPad or Kindle for easy, environmentally friendly reading!


Choose a few that sounds interesting to you and get crackin’! You will find your green efforts will be elevated to a whole new level by incorporating any of these resources into your day.




Image credit LA Frog blog