Handmade and Hot: Industrial Rings by Andy Collins

I guess the fact that we are always in the workshop and surrounded by tools and hardware attracted us to Andy’s jewellery. Everything is so beautifully made and finished. Please take a look at his ETSY store here.



Who are you?

My name is Andy Collins and I’ve been an artist my entire life scrapping together a living doing various odd jobs, I’ve been a graphic designer, silk screener, exhibit designer, painter, remodeler, picture framer and the first job I got in NY when I moved here 6 years ago was making jewelry.



Where are you?

Currently, I live in Brooklyn, in Bushwick, which is why I love the industrial feeling with lots of textures and rugged elements.



Why do you hand make your products?

My designs have to have an oxidized slightly worn version because I want the option of polished or beat up. Different textures and finishes are essential.



How long did it take to make?

I’ve been working on this industrial style for about two years now off and on, it’s a long process because there are many ideas that don’t work out as I planned.



Where would you like to see them?

In small independently owned shops with a focus on both men’s and women’s fashion. Also places that have an interest in unique design, after a while it gets boring looking at the same things over and over again.



What hopes and dreams do you have for your products?

Eventually I would like to branch out and do even more variety of metals and finishes. I think ultimately my goal is to create wearable art that feels as if it has a simple clean futuristic design while being layered and organic.

Right now most of my pieces are made from carving and casting then finishing and rings can take a few days to be custom made. I’d like to do more variety of work but am limited to my space, (a converted loft that is filled to brimming with paintings and supplies.) We’ll see what happens!!

Thanks for answering our questions Andy and good luck with your beautiful work.

Gwyn & Tamra