Back to School: Re-useable Lunch Sack from Jimmy Goes Green

Can you believe that it is already August? Where did the summer go? I hope where you are reading this that you are soaking up what is left of this season. But guess what folks? Whether we like it or not, school is starting up again and it’s time to start packing those lunches. But instead of pulling out the paper brown sack, try using this reusable lunch sack from “Jimmy’s Gone Green”.


Made out of 100% recycled cotton, this bag can be thrown in with the dirty laundry when it’s time to clean. My favorite part about these bags is that they are teaching your child and his or her classmates how to be green! If each child can begin to understand how to live a more eco-friendly lifestyle, then this upcoming generation is going to be stellar at taking care of the planet.


Take a look at the Jimmy’s Gone Green website for more ideas on how to teach your child the all-too-important principle of being kind to Mother Earth. There are plenty of products that children of all ages can begin using. The website features green facts that teach children what kind of impact their day-to-day life has on the environment. Young children can read the picture book “Jimmy’s Gone Green” to start learning about the importance of being green. Throw the stainless steel food containers into your child’s reusable lunch sack for an additional punch at the green life.


However you decide to incorporate eco-friendly living into your lifestyle, make sure you kids have the opportunity as well! The younger they learn, the easier it will be for him or her to continue being green.