Handmade and Hot: Faceted Pendant Light by Zipper 8 Lighting

Look at the wonderful detail and craftsmanship that goes into these lamps. A real labour of love by Allison Patrick of Zipper 8 Lighting. We especially love the fact that Allison promotes to ‘Reduce, Reuse and Redecorate‘!


Who are you?


My name is Allison Patrick, after receiving a Master of Architecture from Columbia University I decided to break out on my own and delve deeper into my crafty side, which is when I started making, and selling, lights.



Where are you?


I live in New York City, where I was born and raised, and I really can’t imagine myself anywhere else.



Why do you hand make your products?


Because being crafty is what keeps me going, if I can’t be making things with my glue gun in my hand, I’m just not satisfied with life.



Where would you like to see them?


I just love the idea of my lights hanging in people’s homes, being cherished and loved. I also sold a few to a bookstore once which I thought was really cool.



What hopes and dreams do you have for your products?


I just want them to be loved and appreciated, and maybe cherished. I’d like them to bring a smile to someone’s face, every day they look up. I have a few lights that I cherish (that I didn’t make) and if they didn’t bring me pleasure every single day I wouldn’t have them in my life.


Read more about Allison here.

Thanks Allison.

Gwyn & Tamra