Handmade and Hot: Large White Birch Journal by Three Trees Bindery

Of course, we are major fans of anything made of wood. We particularly liked this gorgeous birch journal by Three Trees Bindery.


Who are you? Where are you?


My name is Michelle Skiba & I have a small bookbinding studio called Three Trees Bindery in Charlotte, North Carolina.



Why do you hand make your products?


I have been making books on & off for about 16 years. I have been an avid journal keeper since the 6th or 7th grade (I have a trunk full of them). I could never seem to find the perfect journal & decided to try my hand at making them. It turned out that I enjoyed making books even more than I liked writing in them. I love the process of taking an ordinary functional object like a book & turning it into a beautiful thing. I believe functional things should be beautiful too.



Where would you like to see them? What hopes and dreams do you have for your products?


Even though I have been exploring bookmaking for so long, I really feel like I am just getting started with my craft. My biggest hope is to continue to have more time for creating. The books are very labor intensive and it can take months to get around to trying new ideas or techniques. My hands have a hard time keeping up with my mind. At present, my books are only available online but I would like to see them one day in galleries & I would also like to do some craft shows. I really like the process of interacting with people. I love to talk about my work & it would be wonderful to meet the people who are interested in purchasing them.



Thanks and keep up the lovely work Michelle.


Gwyn & Tamra