Organic Skincare Products: Desserts for the Skin

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Poking, prodding, injecting, sucking: These are just a few of the words associated with our society’s efforts to look eternally young. These adjectives are intricately tied in with artificial implants, mixtures and materials used to add in these efforts, many of which leave women looking plastic and fake.

Even when you leave the doctor out of it, walking down the beauty aisle at your local supermarket bombards consumers with products that have an ingredients nearly anyone would be hard-pressed to pronounce correctly.

Oh, and have I mentioned several of these products are still tested on animals?

Organic Skincare Products

Rather than pouring your dollars into products you wouldn’t eat, let alone rub all over your body, why don’t we concentrate on wholesome, organic products that get the job done with some integrity?

A simple approach to swapping out the poorly-made name brand products for something more wholesome can begin with something you use every day: Soap.

Handmade Organic Soaps by The Morning Moon

The Morning Moon shop on Etsy is full of home-made soaps that lack the additive, harsh chemicals in many soaps today. Try the Lemon Verbena Milk Soap or the Romantic Rose Milk Soap for a little treat in your shower that leaves you feeling good on the inside and the outside.

If you want to step it up a bit more and add organic facial products to your routine, try Suti. This rather new company has launched an organic skin care collection that they describe as “desserts for the skin”.  Don’t those words sound luxurious? With products made from avocado, chamomile, eucalyptus, lavender, lemon, macadamia and more, your skin is bound to thank you with constant glow after use.

Take a look at Suti’s Peppermint Water Facial Toner for a product that liven up your skin without hurting it. Made with organic peppermint leaves, this toner balances skin while soothing, stimulating and uplifting. Sounds like Botox without the needle and laboratory, no?

Lush is another fresh, handmade cosmetic store that has launched to provide effective products from fresh, organic fruits and vegetables, fine oils and safe synthetics. Check out their decadent honey shower gel next time you want to treat yourself. With honey having a natural ability to retain moisture, this product will leave you feeling healthy from the inside out.

What are some of your favorite beauty buys? In what ways have you incorporated organic products into your beauty routine? 


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