Handmade and Hot: Kids Handmade Teepee Tents by Moozle

Do you remember making dens and hideouts when you were a nipper? I’ll never forget those lovely memories made with my siblings. These Teepees by Moozle are beautifully built by hand to house these precious moments and imaginings.


Who are you?


Hi, my name is Kate Clarkson and I set up Moozlehome.com with my partner in crime Dennis Harrison about 2 and a half years ago now. My background is in fashion and textiles design and Den is a painter and illustrator who now works full time in interactive TV design. I’m a full time mum to two little rascals and I make and design in all the minutes in between.



Where are you?


We are currently living in Amsterdam North Holland but are from wild West Wales UK and also a bit from London as we lived there for 14 years before returning to the ‘shire. Amsterdam was an off the plan opportunity that came up and is an ongoing family adventure.



Why do you hand make your products?


Because I can! I feel so lucky that I can work from home doing what I love AND be able to look after my kids. I’m also lucky that I’m quite good at it and people want to buy what I make! It brings in some extra pennies for my family and keeps me sane.

I know it’s corny and everyone says it but I’ve always been a maker and a collector. I don’t feel as if I’ve achieved much in a day or a week if I don’t have a finished item to show for it! I have lots of projects on my desk here around me, new products for the website usually start off as things I make for my kids or my friends, that’s how the teepees came into being. They have just taken off really and don’t leave me much time for developing other items.

I love the fact that they are all unique, it keeps me motivated! I use lots of vintage fabrics in my applique designs so this helps make them more special and rare, it gives them a history and is a way of recycling little bits of fabric treasures. My printed designs are all inspired by the retro vintage fabrics I find. I couldn’t keep sewing them if I didn’t love them.

To me hand made is the best. It’s got soul. Someone has spent precious time crafting it with care.



Where would you like to see them?


I love to see them in my customers homes, it’s great when people send me photos. And I’d love to see them in more magazine shoots, it’s lovely to see how other people style them, I’m a bit of an interior magazine geek and keep files of tear sheets, they fill me with joy!



What hopes and dreams do you have for your products?


I want them to be amongst the best in the market, to be loved by the children who receive them and to be cherished in their childhood memories and kept for their own children.



Thank you! Gwyn & Tamra