Three Ways To Save Money On Your Energy Bills

Does your heart stop for a brief moment each month when the energy bill arrives? Yes, we have all been there, but opening that envelope doesn’t have to such a gripping experience. Energy saving methods that were once only for the wealthy are now incredibly easy and accessible to all! Here are 3 ways you can start saving on your home energy bill today:

Equip your home with a tankless water heater. Did you know that typical water heaters heat water constantly, even when you aren’t using any H2O? It’s true, and it’s a sure fire way to send your water bill soaring. A tankless water heater only heats water when you are using it, so water is not being wasted in between uses.

Build your own wind farm. Now hold on, it sounds more complicated than it really is. Chen Liao Hsun has developed a renewable energy that you can use in your own home. Essentially a set of personal wind turbine generators, this system is installed on the side of your house and gets to working for you. The system works to “offset each family’s reliance on grid power” and therefore, lowers monthly bills. You can read more about it here.

Install solar panels. When solar panels first started being discussed, the idea was pricey, complicated and not for the average home. Those ideas are no longer accurate in 2011. The Veranda Solar Panel can start working for you with just a few hours of time and a screwdriver. Whether you are reading this blog post in an apartment or home, the Veranda Solar panel is an inexpensive and easy way to start saving on energy bills.

Bonus tip: Unplug.  One simple tip we can all start doing this very minute is unplugging electronics that aren’t currently being used. Rhondalyn, who was featured on “Oprah”, was able to reduce her electric bill by over $200 a month by simply unplugging appliances, televisions, lamps and more when they were turned off. So go ahead, unplug that television and start saving.