Handmade and Hot: Plume Agate Lapis Bracelet by Silver Lines Jewelry

This weeks Handmade and Hot features beautiful handmade jewelry from Greece by Silver Lines Jewelry. We particularly liked this Agate Lapis bracelet



Who are you?


I am Jenny. A loud, kind-hearted Greek gal, kinda like my big fat Greek Wedding. I live with my family, waiting for my big dream of a house by the beach to come true :)



Where are you?


I am in Greece, you know that sunny almost 365 days a year place:)



Why do you hand make your products?


I love the soul, that little piece of the maker’s personality that goes in everything handmade. I would always make things with my hands; I would knit or paint or photograph or make jewelry.

It is this process that keeps me sane, happy and smiling in this mad world we ‘re living.



Where would you like to see them?


Knowing that my pieces are worn by people I would have never been able to meet, thousands miles away, makes me proud. Every time someone purchases something from my shop, it puts a goofy smile on my face; and it’s not because it means money in my account. So, this is where I would like to see them. I would like people to be happy because they are wearing what I made.



What hopes and dreams do you have for your products?


That they will be loved; that the woman wearing one of my pieces now, will give it to her daughter in a few years. That one day will my visit to the US (yes this is one of my other dreams) the woman next to me in a coffee shop, will be wearing on of my pieces; crazy, right? ;)



Thank you Jenny!

Tamra and Gwyn