Handmade Sustainable Designs by Greta de Parry


We at Gallant & Jones are always looking for the latest in sustainable design that knocks us off our feet. Greta de Parry has done just that with her latest line of furniture and accessories, all featured on her site.


This Chicago designer has it all figured out when it comes to good design. She looks for an idea that is “playful, resourceful, stable and goes against the grain.”



“Mass production is losing its market appeal…Handmade objects have an inherent history as do the trees providing the material.” We couldn’t agree more Greta.



You can read more about the story each piece holds in her furniture through her website. This gorgeous milk stool was created from a fallen red oak. What normally would have been used a firewood and would have been long gone by now, this red oak now stands as a survivor…and a striking one at that.


After graduating college, Greta was an apprentice at Crab Tree Farm, where she worked with logger, woodworker, craftsman and carpenter Mike Jarvi. So it’s no surprise that Greta sees each piece of her line through from conception to completion. From idea to the sanding and finishing, Greta is there every step of the way.


Not in the market for new furniture? Check out Greta’s charismatic and striking cutting boards or home accessories. Each one is completely unique and will certainly strike up a conversation with guests.

If you weren’t in love with Greta yet, just get a kick out of her shop description: “Uncommonly cool items for the not so vanilla home”.  And to focus your passion on something that is friendly to the environment? Greta de Parry is one to keep an eye on.




  1. Greta de Parry,

    I think I’m in love with you, Amy! This is awesome. Thank you so, so much. When people like what you’re making it makes all the blood, sweat, and hard work seem worth while. Keep up the good work in your shop, too — your patio chairs are fantastic!

  2. Amy,

    It was my pleasure, Greta! YOU keep up the good work. Your designs are fantastic!

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