Spotted: Jeff Martin Joinery



Earlier this year, an Ikea went up approximately 3 miles from my home in Colorado. While I’m not an Ikea hater, it does make one appreciate the design, materials and work that goes into beautiful design with wholesome materials. Which is why this week, I want to introduce you to Jeff Martin, a NYC and Vancouver based designer who creates striking home furniture and décor that usher in depth and warmth to any room.



What I find particular enticing about Martin is his selection of materials. Great design is one gift, but he seems to find the richest, most beautiful woods in his implementation.



“Using responsibly harvested materials, being on my feet all day, and working from the heart helps me feel accomplished in this respect.”



Jeff Martin did not begin this life knowing he was meant for great design. It actually wasn’t until Martin decided to build his own home with his own hands that he even became involved with design and construction. Recently, he was chosen to work as an apprentice under famed designer Palo Samko in Brooklyn, New York.



We at Gallant & Jones love to see what a good dose of ambition and hard work will lead to. And by the looks of his current line, ambition and some sweat are leading Martin to beautiful things.


“I want to be considered a thread in the architectural fabric of North America. My dream is to build beautiful designs for good people.”


It would appear Martin’s dreams are coming true.