Handmade and Hot: Salvage Interiors

Hemlock Salvaged from the Queen’s Wharf with steel divider and Base

Tamra is in love with the wood grain in this beautiful and sustainable coffee table by Salvage Interiors. The Hemlock was salvaged from the Queen’s Wharf in Toronto and has a steel divider and Base.



Who and where are you?

I am Steve Wallin, 29 years of age. I am a custom furniture maker specializing in utilizing reclaimed materials, I work and live in Toronto, ON. I have a small private studio that I work out of in the west end of the city.

Why do you hand make your products?

I hand make my products because I enjoy it, It is very satisfying to make something from raw materials with your own two hands that will go to someone’s home for them to enjoy for many years. Handmade products are incomparable to most things of an assembly line. Every joint is fit by you, it is looked at meticulously. The finish is touched with human hands to make sure it is smooth and even across the entire piece. It’s just great to be able to provide this type of craftsmanship to those who appreciate it.

How long did it take to make?

The Hemlock piece took a little over a week all together. Certain steps in building a piece of furniture can take an entire days work just to complete a single step. Finishing can take a few days on it’s own.

What hopes dreams do you have for your products? Where would you like to see them?

I think essentially my dreams for my products have already become reality, because they are being produced and they are going into peoples homes. In the future I would like to do different series’ of furniture from time to time and show them in galleries or maybe even have some pieces in design shops. Overall though I am happy where I’m at, I just want to keep the momentum going strong, push my creativity and expand my skills further.




Thanks Steve!

Tamra & Gwyn