Create a Unique Piece of Furniture, Reupholster!

It seems to be all the rage on the blog-o-sphere. Take an heirloom wing back chair or vintage couch found off of Craigslist and have it re-upholstered to fit your tastes and add new life to the piece. Did you know that this not only creates a beautiful new look in your home but that it also helps keep landfills from filling up with old furniture? That’s a win-win in our book!

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Before you embark on your upholstery adventure, here are a few things to remember:

1) Search it out. Having a piece re-upholstered is certainly an investment and you want to make sure you are getting a great price and great quality. First, hop on Craigslist and type “upholsterer” in the search bar to find a selection of businesses and independent contractors in your area. With a photo and some measurements, you should be able to receive a quote. Research the Internet for client reviews, ask for references and don’t be afraid to ask to see samples of work completed before selecting an upholsterer.

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2) Find a fabric that you love… and will still love 6 months from now. A part of the appeal that is tied to reupholstery is that you are able to create a custom, one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that perfectly suits your taste for a bargain price. However, unless you are okay with having the piece of furniture reupholstered in a different fabric periodically, make sure that you choose a fabric that is able to evolve through trends and taste changes.

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3) Take the D-I-Y route! This isn’t necessarily for everyone as it requires some intermediate sewing skills and a bucket full of patience, but it certainly is worth considering if you have the  ability! You can get started by looking at Jenny’s Upholstery Tutorial at Little Green Notebook or by purchasing instructional videos available from the fabulous ladies at Spruce. Don’t forget to read through these upholstery tips for a few tricks of the trade.



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