Handmade and Hot! Bags by Rue De Papier

We agree with Rue De Papiers belief that there are so many beautiful vintage materials out there that it is  a shame to throw them away. They have beautifully repurposed some of the best fabric finds into beautiful bags like this one made out of Norwegian canvas from the 1930’s available to buy from Etsy. Read the interview below…

Who are you?

I am a New York based designer and lover of bags, I love materials that either already have a history, or materials that will age with grace, such as vegetable tanned leather that darkens and shapes with the user and natural materials such as cotton, linen etc. My grandfather was a very appreciated antique dealer with his own antique shops. Maybe I inherited from him how to love materials and products that age with grace and gain beauty and dignity with time.

Where are you?

I have my studio in New York City, which is a city that has always given me both inspiration and warmth from it’s very rare social climate. Also in the garment district here I can easily find all kinds of supply and services I need. My sewing-machine technician for example is one of the most loving and helpful people I know, which makes having a sewing machine issue always in the end brings me more joy than trouble, thats how I like it!

Why do you hand make your products?

I do hand make for more than one reason, first of all the design often develops when I touch the materials, feel the weight of them, their stiffness or suppleness, fold them, hold different parts against each other to see colors or what different combinations do to the whole. It’s hard for me to separate design and making. Also since the bags I do are all custom, due to the specific materials I have at the moment, each bag needs very personal attention. The feeling that I know my products are locally made by my own effort without putting unnecessary stress on our resources is also a pleasure.

Where would you like to see them?

I just opened my Etsy shop I keep working on putting my bags up on there, the response there has been very warm with welcoming emails from other shop owners and customers. Some day I would very much like to have a little shop connected to my studio, so that people that walk by can stop and also look at my bags with their hands, since I think they look so much better in “person”, and they feel so good to hold.

What hopes and dreams do you have for your products?

I just hope that people will enjoy and use my bags!

We just know they will!

Gwyn & Tamra