Handmade and Hot: Happy Thanksgiving Canada…

It is Thanksgiving here in Canada this weekend so we decided to do a little TG round up of great handmade products with a link to their webpage on Etsy

Tamra and I have a lot to be grateful for this year. Our business is growing into Wholesale and our products will be available in lovely stores all over Canada and the US, Tamra has a new home to share and enjoy with her lovely boys and I am expecting our first child :)

So we will get together on the Sunday in Vancouver for a yummy Thanksgiving lunch and raise a glass (mine being oj of course…) to you and will be mightily thankful for all we have. 

1. Orange A Day Chair $381.47 CAD by Rubbish Rehab in Washington State


2. Pumpkin Pie Vegan Lip Gloss-Balm $4.36 CAD by Soap in San Francisco


3. Thanksgiving Banner $39.24 CAD by BrandyWine in Texas


4. Thanksgiving Jive Turkey Earflap Hat $27.25 CAD by Cutie Hats in Las Vegas


5. Zig Zag Tam in Pumpkin Pie Orange $29.43 CAD by YesJessin NYC


6. Canadian Maple Tree Forest Fine Art Print $163.49 CAD by Racey Tay in Ottawa


7. Bronze Wishbone Necklace $30.52 CAD by mrd74 in Victoria BC


8. 24 Decorative Turkey Toothpicks/Cupcake Toppers $3.81 CAD by Below Blink


9. Bite-Size Pumpkin Pie Recipe – Individual Cookie Recipe in PDF format $5.45 CAD by Recipes By KEcookies in California

10. Autumn Harvest booties $29.43 CAD by Fiesta Kids Boutique

Enjoy your Thanksgiving this weekend if you live in Canada or in November if you are in the States!

xx G&T