Chair Of The Week: The Aeron Chair by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf

There aren’t many office chairs that can confidently be called design classics in my opinion, but the Aeron chair by Don Chadwick and Bill Stumpf is surely one that design historian’s won’t be arguing over. Introduced in 1994 by Herman Miller, The Aeron chair was an innovative and ergonomic seating solution for a generation that was becoming increasingly computer centric. Still a best seller today, the Aeron rose to fame as the status symbol of the dot-com era office. The basic premise of the chair was to conform to the body as gently but closely as possible (accomplished via a suspended mesh ‘structure’) and accommodate a wide variety of human proportions and postures (accomplished by offering 3 sizes of chairs and a myriad of adjustment features). Chadwick and Stumpf‘s accolades for the Aeron are deservedly so, as This MoMa inductee is undeniably comfortable. And how can I be so sure you ask? Full disclosure: I’m sitting in one right now. For some supplementary evidence, head on over to the always articulate Creative Review.


images c/o Herman Miller