Handmade and Hot: Abigail Brown’s birds

We have been coveting these beautiful handmade birds from afar, aren’t they gorgeous? Below is a lovely interview with their creator Abigail Brown… You can buy Abigail’s products on her cartel store or on Etsy.

Who are you?

Abigail Brown

Where are you?

London, England

Why do you hand make your products?

I have had a strong connection to fabrics since I was very little. Working in fabric draws me to my grandma who sadly passed away when I was 8. She was a seamstress and worked from her living room, so her sewing machine, fabrics and threads would be around me as I played.

Using fabric to create feels very natural, the colours, textures and patterns hold great fascination for me and to breathe new life into them can feel quite magical.

The connection I have with the fabric, the forms I create, the layering of the fabrics, selecting the right ones to work with, detailing them with tiny stitches, seeing these little beings emerge from nothing, it’s all immensely satisfying and doesn’t tire me.

I don’t want other people to make my work because the enjoyment for me is in the making, that I have crafted it from start to finish. I know where I want the marks to be, what layers I want to build, what shape I want it to take. Each piece is different and will feel different to make. It’s something very special to me and I can’t imagine feeling any different about that.

This sort of work is special because one person crafted it by hand. Their love and care and great attention to detail went into it. There isn’t another piece that can be claimed identical to it. It’s totally and utterly unique. And in all it’s being: the carefully selected fabrics it’s created from, the arrangement of it’s layers, the thought that went into placing each stitch, it is a little piece of that person who made it.

Where would you like to see them?

I’ve been very lucky to see them in some wonderful places already; Liberty in London, Takashimaya in New York, Paul Smith, and in the most beautifully curated little shops and galleries across the world. I’m always delighted to hear another place would like to stock them.

But it would be wonderful to see them branching out into shop window displays or finding new lives I haven’t even imagined them to have.

What hopes and dreams do you have for your products?

Just that they continue to spread joy and delight the world over…and that there is enough interest in them for me to keep on making them at least a little while longer!


Thanks Abigail. I ‘m sure your wonderful creations will be admired and loved for years to come…

Gwyn & Tamra