Eco-Friendly Halloween Costumes

I think this week’s blog post topic has been my favorite thus far. Researching eco-friendly Halloween costumes turned into researching child Halloween customs which then became the photo above. Cue heart melting!

Now down to business: Have you purchased a Halloween costume yet for the tots in your family? If not, check out our five suggestions below. A bonus from these items is that they are all made from environmentally sustainable materials….and they produce children such as the monkey above, so I have yet to see a down side.

Oeuf Be Good Mask & Tail Set ($48). This set includes an easy to attach animal tail and a facemask, making this an easy costume that can accommodate children of all ages. This set can also be used for several years so that $48 goes a long way. You can choose between a giraffe, fox, zebra, cheetah, raccoon, zebra and crocodile.

Max ($139). While the price for this costume is a bit steep, what child doesn’t want to wear the outfit of Max from “Where The Wild Things Are” for Halloween…and to the grocery store…and to birthday parties…and as pajamas. This model, made by Kate Richards, is crafted from organic cotton and recycled poly blend jersey. This type of construction makes for an eco-conscious and incredibly soft ensemble.

Tom Arma Collection($59.99). Our monkey friend from the beginning of the post, and this giggly elephant, are all a part of the Tom Arma Collection along with skunks, rabbits, frogs and more. What makes this collection particularly great is that 100% of the electricity used in making each costume is offset with 100% Green-e Certified Renewable Energy.

Organic Crawlers ($21.98). If your youngster is too impatient to wear a full-fledged costume this year, consider this fun and versatile set from Magic Cabin. Made from organic cotton, this set can be worn any day of the year.

eBayIf none of these ideas hit home with you and your child, hop on over to eBay to bid on any used Halloween costumes. Recycling outfits is always an eco-friendly, and often pocket friendly, approach to Halloween.



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