Chair of the Week: The Hiroshima Collection by Naoto Fukasawa

There has been a lot of talk within the furniture design industry as of late regarding the role of craft and traditional woodworking techniques in the age of mass production (which is not a new concern I might add). In my opinion the ideal manufacturing methodology is one of inclusion, embracing both emerging CNC technology as well as age-old craftsmanship. My reasoning is plain and simple — there are some things humans do better, and some things machines do better. Naoto Fukasawa clearly understands this fact, which is made evident through his Hiroshima collection for Maruni, a Japanese wood furniture maker in business since 1928. Maruni sums up their philosophy beautifully as the concept of  “Industrializing Craftsmanship”  and Fukusawa‘s collection truly embraces this concept, managing to deliver a product that would simply not be possible without the harmonious blend of craft and technology.

The photos, although beautiful, do not come close to capturing the staggering level of precision in the woodworking. I could go on and on about this chair (and collection), but I feel it’s best to simply track down a retailer and see for yourself. Until then, enjoy the images.