Empowering Women through Design and Fair Trade: One Mango Tree

I am so excited to introduce you to One Mango Tree. There are a variety of businesses that use the fair trade model to bring you products and help impoverished areas. However, One Mango Tree is the first company I have seen that actually sells products I would want to buy for a price I am willing to pay!

What does fair trade mean?

Often businesses outsource to struggling countries because they can pay much less for their services. Fair trade encourages businesses to pay a just wage to producers…wages that are more competitive with those earned in thriving economies. By maintaining honest wages, producers are able to improve the standard of living for themselves and their families.

Who makes the items at One Mango Tree?

You can read about each and every Ugandan woman affiliated with One Mango Tree. ..and your tag will tell you exactly who made your item!

What items can I find at One Mango Tree?

One Mango Tree creates apparel, handbags, accessories and more that are on-trend with today’s fashions! This means tribal prints, statement jewelry and other styles that have been seen in runways, fashion magazines and red carpets. With One Mango Tree, however, you will see inexpensive prices for you and the opportunities to improve the life for Anena, Nagawa, Apiyo and other Ugandan women. And you know what? These ladies look like women you and I would be friends with. So let’s!



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